The company


Arredamenti DOC is a manufacturer of solid, made-to-order furniture, a company of artisans with 44 years
of experience in the production of upholstered furniture and in the supply of curtains, classic and modern
coverings for indoors and outdoors.   With a history that began in Sardinia during the 70’s, the Company
continues to employ the most qualified craftsmen who hand craft one-off, unique items that suit the taste
of an international clientèle.
From the selection of raw materials (wood, fabrics, components) to the creation of prototypes, each unique
item of upholstered furniture is developed and produced fully in-house, according to the exact
requirements of the Client.   Thanks to the continued cooperation with Designers and Architects,
Arredamenti DOC has over time improved its ability to enhance shapes, design details and quality of
products, which today allows it to cater to the most demanding markets: interior design for hotels, private
residences, fashion retail and yacht owners.   The above objectives are pursued by our in-house Contract
Division maintaining the skills of a profession that has handed down from generation to generation,
renewing and improving what was previously built, with the same passion and consistency of those who
commit themselves to deliver a result with attention to the smallest detail.


The prototyping activity makes the Company particularly suitable for when drawing up contracts and for satisfy fit-for-purpose needs of clients and designers. The result is a non-serial quality: each creation can be customised in terms of shape, materials, fabrics, colours, style and patterns.  This is the cornerstone of our philosophy, since the value lies in the ability to materialize in the sample all project specifications, giving it the desired attributes (the hallmark of style).  To optimize this phase, avoiding further expense and delays in production schedules, Arredamenti DOC has developed a range of alternative technical solutions to be offered to interior design professionals as initial technical standards that do not limit inventiveness but assist with the project’s creative development.  Being specialized in upholstered furniture and a wide range of complementary high-quality accessories for interior design are further strengths of the Company.