Technology and expertise

Arredamenti DOC relies on an internal productive force and an implementation capacity that for most of the year can face production peaks that are frequent in the Contract sector.
Recently the Company has equipped itself with a new and more functional operative site that includes high-tech machinery that will reduce production times with a consequent reduction in waiting time for the end users. Higher quality and accuracy is achieved through the use of a computerized foam polyurethane block cutting machine and an ultrasonic welding machinery for
PVC and similar materials.

We combine modernity with an artisan tradition

Given the strong handicraft component of the products made, a special mention goes to seamstresses and artisans who for many years have been helping and creating a perfect combination of craftsmanship and technology.
In this way, the new structure makes it possible to completely realize the entire production cycle in house, from design, production, processing and sale.


Our quality, without awaiting

In the months from September to April, the average production speed of the company allows faster delivery while ensuring the high standards of highly skilled internal labour.

Arredamenti DOC – Contract handles the production of furnitures for hotels, villas, residences, and even offices and events