A wide range of products-solutions meets the furnishing needs of every space:

Sofas and armchairs, beds, mattresses and cushions, furnishing accessories

Handcrafted: panel, package, curled; Technics: venetian blinds, roller blinds, pleated, vertical.

Pergolas & bioclimatic, awnings, garden furniture, pool cover, technical coatings, awnings.

E ach line can be adapted according to different styles, designs,
materials and technical solutions:

  • Classic : Articles with sinuous and classic lines. Customizable hardwood frames. Sofa legs of different shapes and sizes. Polyurethane foam seats and backrests can be customized according to density and covering requirements.
  • Contemporary : Items with clean and essential lines with modern steel finishes. Contrast of fabric colors and consistencies.
  • Trendy : Upholsteries highly customizable, to give even more character and personality to the environment
  • Relax : Ergonomic solutions for sofas and armchairs with movement of the seat – footboard and manual and / or mechanical headrests